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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 1:09 PM

Data Citizens Circles: Data sharing: Data products roll-out at scale

In this interactive session we’ll present, discuss as a group, and share experiences related to:

  • Efficient Data Productization: Gain insights into proven methodologies and best practices for creating and rolling out data products at scale using Collibra's Data Intelligence Platform.

  • Data Marketplace capabilities that facilitate the Data Product roll out in your organization. 

  • Change management challenges and best practices

Discussion topics:

  • How do you define a Data Product? What are base requirements?

  • What strategies have you found effective in streamlining the process of creating efficient data products within your organization?

  • How do you approach change management when implementing new data products or workflows? What are the key challenges you encounter?

  • Share experiences and lessons learned from change management initiatives related to data productization and scaling, emphasizing the importance of democratization.  What strategies have yielded the most successful outcomes?

What is a Data Citizens Circle? These interactive sessions allow you to learn from subject matter experts while connecting with other data professionals; enabling attendees to share peer-to-peer insights, challenges and best practices.

Register here. This session requires pre-registration. To save your seat, log in and hit the 'save seat' button.

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