Collibra Community FAQ


1. Why did the Community change platforms?

The change in platforms was driven by our commitment to enhancing our user experience and providing a more robust environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

2. How do I login to the platform?

You will be able to login to the platform by using the SSO method, which means the same credentials for other Collibra sites.

3. Will my old account information, and posts be transferred to the new platform?

Yes, all your old posts and discussions will be migrated to the new platform, preserving your valuable contributions and ensuring continuity within the community.

4. Can I use my same user name?

Absolutely! You can continue using your existing username on the new platform without any changes.

5. Are there new Notification settings?

Yes, the new platform offers enhanced notification settings that allow you to customize your preferences for receiving updates, alerts, and notifications related to discussions, mentions, and activity within the community. Please explore your profile settings.

6. Why aren't my points transferring over to the new platform, and why is starting fresh exciting?

Recognizing the significance of reputation points as a measure of community participation, we've decided to start fresh with points upon transitioning to our new platform. This approach ensures that all members have an equal opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders, fostering an environment where expertise and insights shine through without the influence of previous point accrual. Additionally, this fresh start allows us to reimagine our approach to recognition and rewards, exploring innovative avenues like badges, achievements, and exclusive opportunities for active community members, beyond traditional points.

7. How do I search for Specific Topic or discussions?

You can easily search for specific topics or discussions using the search bar located at the top of the platform. Simply enter keywords or phrases related to your query, and relevant results will be displayed from the Community platform which consist of Knowledge Base articles and Discussions.

8. How do I report bugs or issues on the new platform?

If you encounter any bugs or issues on the new platform, please report to [email protected]. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve the platform for everyone.

9. Where can I give feedback for the new platform?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for the new platform! You can share your thoughts and ideas by partaking in our quarterly Community Health survey. The next one will be in April 2024.

10. What is a Data Citizens Circle?

Data Citizens Circles are interactive virtual groups, webinars and events that provide Collibra customers and partners the opportunity to network and collaborate with others in similar professions or on specific use cases.

These groups feature knowledge sharing from adoption and solution experts, allowing members to ask industry-specific questions, share insights and discuss relevant topics. Members can join Circles in the Collibra Community. Connect with your Customer Success Manager or our Community Managers today to get involved!

11. What are Data Citizens?

A data citizen is someone who is given access to data, uses data to do their job, and has a sense of responsibility for the data. Simply put, if you use data to do your job, you are a data citizen.