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Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 3:30 PM

Collibra Integration with Java Microservices

I am working on use case to create data lineage from inbound files --> target datasource --> Consumer APIs (Microservices written in java)

Part 1: Inbound files --> target datasource. We are able to achieve this by installing edge in both inbound files s3 location and target data source VPC and create the technical/business lineage.

Question is on Part 2: Target data source --> Consumer APIs (Java Microservices). How can collibra be integrated with java applications ( example API microservices in this case) so we can see the lineage of the data attributes end-end?

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1 month ago

 Integrating Collibra with Java microservices involves utilizing Collibra's REST API to access and manage metadata stored in Collibra Data Governance Center.  dish billing issues Java microservices can interact with Collibra APIs to fetch, update, or synchronize metadata related to data assets, ensuring consistency and governance across distributed systems. This integration supports seamless data governance practices within microservices architectures, enhancing data quality, compliance, and organizational transparency. 

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16 days ago

Hi @user_0ac4ec  ! Did @user_cf87fa answer your question?