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Sunday, March 31st, 2024 7:07 PM

Is anyone having difficulty troubleshooting Unified Data Classification failures?

We are using the UDC (Unified Data Classification) engine to do the classification process.  We are experiencing two challenges:

  1. We are spending a lot of time diddling around with the Minimum confidence threshold: values to minimize the tremendous amount of MANUAL cleanup needed.  Setting it too low causes no classification and setting it too high cause it to be set for many many columns that have nothing to do with the classification.  At this point it seems less effort to just manually set the classification tags instead of running the classification process and then having to delete all of the junk.  Is anyone having better success than me?
  2. When the Classification job fails
    1. the Activities UI indicates: Modular classify columns Failed (3/31/2024 11:18 AM)
    2. clicking on the Show more button lists the activities log which only says: Modular classify columns, Error, Completed With Errors but does NOT show the RESULTS button to see more details
    3. even with the Data Classification Capabilities Logging level (Debug = true, Log level = High) the dgc.log and other .log files produce this incredibly useless message:
      The edge capability for edge job id {XXXXXXX} failed with status CAPABILITY_FAILED. Check edge site for further information
  3. Does anyone have access to any more useful failure messages?? I have been reading log files until my eyes bleed....

Any help with this new system would be greatly appreciated. Some Classification Jobs run fine, and others run then Fail with no useful information. I don't know what I can change/adjust/fix to allow the classification to run all the way through.

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