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Monday, May 20th, 2024 8:59 PM

Factsheet: Collibra Data Notebook

Factsheet: Collibra Data Notebook

Factsheet: Collibra Data Notebook

Query and collaborate around data

As data volume and fragmentation continue to grow across the enterprise, data scientists, data analysts and data engineers are seeking more efficient ways to find, query and collaborate around the data they need to support various business initiatives.

Collibra Data Notebook empowers you to query various data sources directly within your governed Collibra environment. Data Notebook also enables ad-hoc data visualization alongside relevant context from Collibra Data Catalog to further enhance data understanding. Additionally, with a user-friendly text editor, easily document approaches and best practices that you can share across teams via data notebook assets that link directly to the data.

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28 days ago

Will Collibra Data Notebook support SQL Server in the future?

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Hey @paulalley .
Thanks for commenting here. We are indeed looking at supporting SQL Server for Data Notebook.
ETA is to be confirmed soon. I would be happy to discuss over the coming weeks to ensure that the initial integration can match your requirements.
Feel free to request a Product meeting through your CSM person.
Thibaut Collette — Data Notebook Product lead