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Collibra Ideation is where customers, partners and Collibra employees join forces to gather ideas for new features and improvements to Collibra products and solutions. Everyone can submit and see ideas, comment, vote and follow up on the progress in one place, to collaborate and innovate in full transparency. We want to ensure your voice is heard, that we shape the product you need, and that we build our product with our customers in mind.

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All customers, partners and Collibrians can access the Ideation Platform and create, vote for and comment on ideas. You’ll mostly interact with Product Managers, Designers and your representatives.


Status definitions



new idea

A newly submitted idea, awaiting assignment and review by the Collibra product team.

under review

An idea under review by the Collibra product team.

needs more information

The idea requires a reply from a customer or an internal partner before further evaluation.


The idea has been added to the product roadmap.


The idea is available as public beta: an upcoming feature or product that is made available to all customers before it is fully ready for general availability so it can be tested and evaluated early.

coming soon

The idea is assigned to the release schedule.


This idea is available on pre-production instances.

not planned

The idea can not be added to the product roadmap at this time. The status of this idea can be reviewed in the future.

problem solved

The idea matches closely with an existing functionality and no further action will be taken on the idea.


What does visibility mean?

If you choose visibility “private,” the idea will only be visible to you and Collibra employees. If you choose visibility “public,” the idea will be visible to all users of the Ideation Portal (customers, partners and employees.)

I just submitted an idea, but it is not visible to my colleagues.

All ideas, even those marked as “public,” go through a 24-hour review period to ensure that confidential information is not disclosed. Ideas marked as “public” will be visible to the public after the review period, as determined by product managers.

What can I do if I do not agree with a status update on an idea?

If you feel a status decision requires more explanation, reach out in the comments section for your idea and let us know your thoughts. You can also bring this up to your Customer Success Manager.

What can I do if I feel an idea was merged incorrectly?

The intent of merging ideas is to centralize ideas around the need, where multiple solutions are possible. If you feel an idea was merged incorrectly, please reach out to us in the comments section for your idea and explain why our idea should not be merged.

When will you review my idea?

For ideas submitted after April 1st 2022, we plan to review ideas within 30 days of submission.

How do I get an overview of all the ideas submitted or voted for by my organization?

You can ask your Customer Success Manager for this report. (You can also use votes to track and keep an overview of the ideas submitted by your organization.)


Coming soon

*Ideas available to others to see right after communication


April 2023: Introduction of a ‘Support Reference’ field available when creating an Idea.

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  • Ideas released in 2023.02

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Monthly updates relating to Ideation are also available from your Customer Success team.


If you have feedback - or an idea - to improve Collibra Ideation, please submit it to the Ideation Platform to share. If you have a general question use the Data Citizens Community forum to reach out.

Created 8 Mar 2022

Last Updated 5 Apr 2023