Data Citizens 2024 Explore core topics: Data sharing


We wanted to share with our community members a core topic at our upcoming conference, Data Citizens '24!

Connecting the right data with the right people is essential to democratizing data. Whether your organization is establishing a data marketplace, launching a data catalog, or even preparing to monetize data externally, a data sharing foundation is critical. We’ll explore what you need to know from active metadata management to lineage, from setting up a shopping experience for data to putting the right policies in place. 

Join us at our upcoming conference, Data Citizens '24, for sessions on Data Sharing including:

🗝️ What’s new and what’s next with Data Catalog and Lineage

🗝️ Setting up shop: how one leading technology company established a data marketplace

🗝️ Fundamentals of successful data sharing

🗝️ Five key learnings from one CDO's journey to monetize data

🗝️ Building a storefront for data products - secrets revealed

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